Communities where children and their care givers are empowered to improve their own livelihood through appropriate and affordable alternatives


Restoring hope among the helpless disabled people ,vulnerableold,needy orphaned children and communities that have been affected by natural calamities,abuse and violence.


To promote self help projects with in the community in crop and animal husbandry, agriculture,tree planting etc.

Our Inspirational Journey

I grew up from a very poor family and I my parents really wanted me to attain education but they couldn't afford good schools with no money, i went to a village school in our area where we studied under trees. Always showered by heavy rains while studying no structures, no shoes i always went to school barefooted and i was always attacked by jiggers which always inflicted pain in my legs. I always wore torn clothes with some body parts exposed because there was no money to buy good ones and i always 5 kg of maize to school for making porridge to feed on breakfast...


Team Leader

Still lunch was porridge and always struggling to get a half a cup of dilute porridge to fill the stomach and sometimes porridge could get over before some of us getting we could miss in large numbers and go to class with empty stomachs for the next session and whenever we tried to complain we were blasted over the little money we pay,dragged and caned for complaining which forced many children most of them who were orphans to drop out of school and became street children due to the frustration at schools and some girls acquired pregnancies from rape by elders which really hurt me.

So, i toiled so that I gain education and be able to help to protect and save the lives of my young orphaned brothers and sisters from suffering,for me to get higher education i used to work on construction buildings day and night in holidays portering saving the little money got to pay fees for the next term and from that life I developed a dream of helping orphaned children and vulnerable people and hence the work I am doing with all my heart

Change a child's
world for good

A child's Education is the most powerful tool to fight poverty.

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Bamugireku Abdu

he is aged 10 years. He is in primary 4 class and he is from namayingo District. He became an orphan at 4 years where his father died and his mother is alive but she is unable to care of him.

On Parenting

We assist in skills training of parents and other guardians in various personal growth programs and Christian parenting principles, useful in helping orphans
Also through promoting self help projects within the community in crop and animal husbandry, agriculture,tree planting etc.

Children Upbringing
Family Sustainability
Needs Education for Disabled Children
Our Objectives

Have a look at our Program Objectives

Improving the quality of life and poverty alleviation with in the community.

To create a safe space in regards to accommodation to the helpless children

To provide suitable dwelling homes for orphaned children.

To seek out and provide for disabled children and empower them to live and sustain their lives.




Child advocacy and community outreach



Development training and research



Effective monitoring and evaluation activities



Mobilising of communities for sensitization and training in achieving the organisational objectives

What Our Volunteers Say

Change a child's world

Our priority

Helping the the motherless and fatherless children is our destiny and loving children is our priority and we can change the lives of the suffering children into useful people to the community.

Magaal Gift Stephen

Our Trust in God

Devotion in doing works of God, teaching the orphaned and helpless children the Gospel to develop them spiritually is our pleasure ,let us work together and support children lives become they are the next generation.

Omar Victor

Rights 4 Everyone

Let us promote rights of every person in the community and let us uplift the rights of the voiceless people and let us reach out to the helpless.

Awor Vanessa

Progress to Supporting Children

We Support a Future Developed. We care about children


Children Supported Helping


Families Reached


Volunteers Involved